The story behind Madsen Guitars has been built from many twists and turns.  Starting out in the mid 1990’s as a budding guitar player I  was required to re-glue the bridge of my Harmony guitar before taking my first guitar lesson at age 11.  With a childhoods worth of woodworking skills that first project would unknowingly lead to a life in Lutherie.  In the many years following my first repair I would, work as a professional instrument repairman in a local music store,  attend Roberto-Venn School of Lutheriey,  work at a high-end  Stair manufacturer, and build my company Madsen Guitars.

As of October 2016 this is what I do full-time,  I build handmade musical instruments.  My desire to provide my customers with the best possible product is the primary goal.  All projects are completely built on site in Neenah, Wisconsin.  From raw wood to finish there is no step that is sub-contacted to others.  I take great pride in controlling all aspects in the construction of my instruments.   Although this has added years to honing my craft, I believe this gives my customers the best possible outcome and value.

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