Repair & Restoration

1935 Martin Archtop Neck Reset
Saddle ramping on Martin Parlor






Whether your beloved instrument experienced a major mishap or is just in need of overdue attention, Madsen Guitars has the expertise for the job.  Andrew has been restoring stringed instruments since the mid-nineties and is one of the premier restorers of stringed instruments in the state of Wisconsin.

Extensive top damage on Martin D-15
Finish match on Martin D-15






The key to proper restoration is fixing the negatives without compromising the character of the guitar.  This is why each restoration project is given the same ardent attention as any project in the workshop. 

New Stainless Frets on Collings Dreadnaught
Finish Chip fix on Kevin Ryan Guitar






Our expertise is not limited to guitars,  working with all fretted and bowed stringed instruments. 

Lyndie 1920’s Mando/banjo
Upright Bass setup





Repair Price List


Restring- $18.00

(Does not include cost of strings)

  • Cleaning and glossing of body and neck
  • Oil Fingerboard
  • Tighten and inspect tuning gears
  • General Inspection of Instrument

*  12-String, Slotted Headstock, & Floyd Rose extra- $8.00

Setup- $35-$60.00

  • Adjust nut slots
  • Truss rod adjustment
  • Lower saddles
  • Adjust Intonation
  • Adjust pickups
  • Tremolo adjustments
  • Buff/clean frets and fingerboard

Nut and Saddle

  • Bone Nut –$45-$60.00
  • Bone Saddle-$25-$60.00
  • Graphite Nut- $45.00
  • Re-cut Acoustic Saddle slot- $125-$200.00

Bridge Work

  • Re-glue Acoustic Bridge- $75-$175.00
  • Replacement Acoustic Bridge- $60-$100.00
  • Repair/Replace bridge plate- $140-$300.00
  • Lower/Adjust Acoustic bridge height- $25.00

Fret Work

  • Fret Dressing- $45-$115.00
  • Partial Refret- $12-$18 (per fret)
  • Unbound Full Refret- $235.00
  • Bound Full Refret- $265.00
  • Stainless Steel Refret- $300- $400.00

Neck Reset

  • Bolt on neck adjustment- $65-$125.00
  • Modern Acoustic bolted heel Reset- $165.00
  • Martin Dovetail Style Reset- $350.00
  • Gibson Style Reset w/finish over- $450.00 and up


  • Pickup Installation/Replacement- $30-$60.00
  • Rewire pots, switch’s, or jacks- $25-$100.00
  •  Series/Parallel/Phase wiring- $55-$125.00
  • Custom wiring projects- $50.00 per hour

Acoustic Pickups

Madsen Guitars strives to offer the best products to our customers.  In the past years many acoustic pickup manufactures have refined the capability to reproduce the sound of “the guitar being played” verses just sounding like an electronic pickup.  I feel these brands give the player the best possible ability to sound like there guitar rather than something else.

(Prices are for pickup and installation)

  • K&K Pure Mini – $145.00
  • Highlander IP-1 – $235.00
  • LR Baggs Anthem Pro – $375.00
  • Other models by these brands and others such as Fishman, Schatten Design,  Schertler, Seymour Duncan, EMG.  We have experience with all major brands in the use.

Finish Repair


All repairs are made in our climate controlled shop in Neenah, Wisconsin.  Prices are determined on a case by case basis.  Please contact Madsen Guitars for more information. 

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